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: 2009-2011

Original logo and branding
Demo cd artwork
“Embrace the Night” graphics package

- photography, banners, flash animations
- clothing and sticker design
- myspace, facebook, social network design
- website design and development
“Sorrow’s Tomb” graphics package
- lyrics and concept for “Last Goodbye”
- photography, banners, flash animations
- clothing and sticker design
- myspace, facebook, social network design
- cd cover, sleeve, and on-disc art
- website redesign and custom development
- custom Adobe Air music app
- flyer design and show promotion
- and much more...

To show everything done for this specific project would be nearly impossible.
Visit the site layout for the most content.

HallowsEnd banner
One of the most intensive design projects to test the limits of David Bettger and The Spiral Underground (then Spiral Design) was the design work and marketing campaign for the former Colorado metal band HallowsEnd. From the original brand and concept to every single visual piece of artistry ever to represent this short lived musical undertaking.
The band dismantled in early 2011, and the domain vanished, but the hundreds of hours spent in concept, design, photography, and development are still hosted here... to be appreciated for what it took to make it all happen.

Nothing remains of the band online save a few scraps left on unmaintained social sites. However, at one time they carried a very professional appearance. See the last version of their website here.

HallowsEnd " promo image HallowsEnd " promo imagePromotional image from the cd release show and final performance and a screen shot from the website when live.

HallowsEnd cd covers HallowsEnd music player HallowsEnd " show flyersDemo and CD cover artwork, the custom HallowsEnd Adobe Air music application and show flyers.

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: 2004-2007

Original logo and branding
Demo cd artwork
“In Shadow and Syn” graphics package

- imagery, banners, flash animations
- clothing and sticker design
- myspace network design and code
- website design and development
“Wash Away Your Syns” graphics package
- cd and dvd sleeve and cover artwork
- clothing and sticker design

- multiple flash site rebuilds
- skull logo redesign / update
- stage prop and backdrop design
- hundreds of flyers and images created
- and much more...

The old site is being rebuilt here in flash as it once was, but is not yet complete, check back soon for it and other work.

Synicyde banner
Synicyde was one of the first Colorado metal bands that The Underground designed for in the early 2000’s. The band had nothing artistically when they began seeking identity. Quickly together we established a theme that was powerful and fun to work with. Most of their work was animated in flash and full of moving graphics. It was catchy and easily recognized in the local scene, so when paired with the stage backdrop and makeup it was a full production easily put together.

This project ran for years and had countless hours of work involved. It wasn’t always pretty, but it was certainly constant. This is old school stuff... so much fun. I am currently reconstructing the old flash website here.

Synicyde " promo image Synicyde " promo imagePromotional image from winter photoshoot and reverse side of a flyer for a Dicken's Opera House performance.

Synicyde show flyers Synicyde bannerBetween show flyers and myspace alone hundreds of images were designed over the four years of work for this band.

Everyone has their own vision of perfection, but the eye of the beholder is ever-inspired by the hand of the artist. - DKB

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